Special Espresso
La Mandarina



Altitude 1710 masl
Process WASHED
Harvest OCTOBER 2020
Notes Blood OrangeCaramel sauceRosemary flower

A coffee with an intense blood orange fragrance, with a sweetness that reminds us of panela or a caramel of dulce de leche, a floral note also appears, which we associate with the rosemary flower.

This micro lot has been produced by Faustino and his wife Sara. Both of them originally come from Cutervo Province, located in the North of Peru, but 11 years ago they moved with their children to El Diamante in San Ignacio, where their family has been living for more than 30 years. The reason for this was that Faustino wanted to increase his farmland and his family told him that there was more space there and the coffee production was better than in Cutervo.

So in San Ignacio Faustino had more land and space and therefore started to become more serious with coffee production. It was his son David that started to plant varieties like Caturra and Bourbon on a parcel in 2013, excited about the potential of producing specialty coffee. David tried to convince Faustino to do the same. He was a bit sceptical at first, but his son convinced him to plant Gesha, Bourbon and Yellow Caturra, just to try. The moment that he took a ripe Gesha berry in his mouth and chewed on it, he knew this was something different! And when he sent his first sample to be cupped, his coffee scored 90 points. That was the moment he decided to only work with specialty coffee. And David not only convinced him, but also the rest of the family. Even in the entire community and direct surroundings all the farmers are starting to share experiences and ask for each other’ s opinion. They visit each other to analyse plants, and are learning together in their journey to improve quality.

Faustino hasn’t stopped working since then to increase his coffee quality and implement new practices. He has for example installed a solar dryer to improve drying of his beans. This system prevents the cherries from getting wet from the rain and improves the drying process, concentrating heat and drying the coffee with constant and natural ventilation.

We are truly happy to have this microlot from Faustino and Sara on our menu, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

All our coffees with roasting for espresso can be prepared in your home Moka Pot with the recipe that you can find in the NOMAD at Home section.
If you have an espresso machine we recommend using 19 grams of coffee to extract 42 grams in a cup in a time of 33 seconds. We use a temperature of 93ºC with the help of 8 bars of pressure.

We offer you these guidelines so that you have a guide when developing a recipe, but you should bear in mind that it can change depending on the coffee machine you are working with, the grinder and the water you are using.

Our machine: La Marzocco, Linea PB
Our grinder: Victoria Arduino, Mythos One
Our water: Osmotized water, 110 ppm