Altitude 1730 masl
Harvest 2023
Notes CaramelMangoPassion fruit

This batch from Finca Monteblanco, Caturra variety and fermented with mango, dazzles us in the cup with its extremely tropical notes. A fragrance of mango jelly beans and a more velvety aroma with hints of passion fruit. On the palate it has a juicy, electric, very tropical acidity and a smooth, slightly unctuous body with caramel notes.

Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia is a third-generation coffee farmer at Finca Monteblanco. His grandfather started growing coffee several decades ago, and today, Rodrigo works to preserve the natural diversity and productivity of the farm.

Finca Monteblanco is located near the Cueva de los Guácharos, one of the 59 protected parks in Colombia. The Suaza River also runs nearby, providing fresh water for the cultivation and processing of coffee cherries.
Rodrigo grows Caturra, Geisha, Pink Bourbon, and Pacamara varieties at Finca Monteblanco. The high altitude and the excellent microclimate of Acevedo, Huila, create the ideal conditions for the cultivation of specialty coffees.


The cherries are selectively handpicked and taken to the on-site washing station.

Before processing the cherries, Rodrigo combines a mixture of lactobacillus, saccharomyces, and cerevisiae bacteria, totaling 10 different yeasts to promote cherry fermentation. Rodrigo also added mango to this mixture to enhance the flavor. Finally, he adds a sugar-rich blend for fermentation, such as molasses, panela, or granulated sugar. The mixture is sealed and left to ferment for 8 days.

Once harvested, the cherries are depulped and added to the fermented fruit mixture. The coffee ferments for an additional 180 hours (7.5 days).

After fermentation, the parchment is washed with clean water and placed on parabolic beds to dry. The parchment is frequently raked to ensure even drying. It takes approximately 20 to 25 days for the parchment to dry.

When replicating the recipe, there are different variables that can interfere with the final result of your cup, such as roasting date, preservation of the beans, environment, water, etc. It is important to keep in mind that all these factors may influence and you may have to make small adjustments when replicating this recipe.

Method: Origami
Grinder: Mazzer Omega #9
Recommended mineral water: Lanjarón

We used 10 grams of coffee to 150 grams of water.
We added the water in 3 pours of 50 grams each, every 30 seconds.
The total infusion time should be 1.50 minutes.