Special Espresso
Miriam Quesada



Altitude 1550 MSNM masl
Harvest 2023
Notes Candy barDatesGoji berries

A very aromatic natural coffee with notes of chocolate and cherries from the first moment. As it cools down, softer and silkier notes of candy bars, dates and Tempranillo grapes emerge. In the mouth, we enjoy a vinous acidity and a creamy body that reminds us of goji berries.

Miriam Quesada Enciso is a second-generation coffee producer. She inherited Finca El Guayacan from her ex-husband when they split their land. She has been cultivating coffee on the farm since 2005. Today, Miriam and her current husband, Libardo, manage Finca El Guayacan using a focus on high-quality cultivation and processing.

The volcanic loam soil is nutrient-rich and excellent for growing coffee. In addition to coffee, Miriam and Libardo also cultivate plantain and yucca.
The ‘striped bourbon’ varietal is a naturally occurring mutation of Bourbon that has light stripes on the cherry skin. This mutation was discovered in Huila, Colombia.


Miriam and Libardo are improving harvesting methods and ensuring the labourers pick only ripe, red cherries. They’re using incentives like better prices and free meals to entice good workers and reward their efforts.

Once coffee is harvested, they float the cherries and remove any lightweights. The good-quality cherry is then placed in sealed bags and fermented for 4 days. Following fermentation, they deliver the cherry to a separate drying facility where it dries for approximately 15 days. The Cherry is turned frequently to ensure even drying.

At the time of replicating the recipe, there are different variables that can interfere with the final result of the cup, such as the roast date, bean conservation, environment, water, machine condition, etc. It is important to remember that all these factors can have an influence and that you may have to make small adjustments to replicate this recipe.

17 gr in
39 gr out
34 seconds

Machine: Sage, Barista Pro
Grind number: 12
Grinding time: 13,5
Recommended mineral water: Viladrau
TDS and extraction percentaje: 9,49 / 22, 68%