Nomad Tasting Experience

17,00 / month

Where At Home
Cupping date September 24th
Shipping date September 20th
When From 17h to 18h
Theme Cupping processes with Diego Robelo from Aquiares
Language Spanish
See below more details about the cupping

Welcome to our new online tasting format!
Now in subscription version so you never miss any of our experiences.
In this way, once you register it will automatically be renewed and you can cancel it at any time.

Every month we will have a different tasting experience from the previous one, in this way you will not stop learning something new during this tour 😉

What does it consist of?

  • We will send you a pack consisting of 5 coffees, 30 grams of each coffee (with that you will have enough to prepare 2 tasting cups and you will have leftover to later prepare a filter).
  • It will be done through YouTube. Ivette will guide you at all times, she will teach you the tasting protocol and a little something about speciality coffee, you can also ask questions in the chat where Fran will answer all of them.

What will you learn?

This month we ‘are going to prepare a cupping with Diego Robelo from Aquiares, Costa Rica, and we will taste different coffee processes.

What will you need?

  • 5 cups of the same size.
  • 1 scale.
  • 1 tasting spoon (the usual soup spoon is also valid).
  • Filtered or bottled water.
  • Rich coffee. (We will send you the ground and sealed coffee the same week so that you have it very fresh)

** The price includes the delivery of the coffees that we will taste. Once you sign up for the tasting, we will send you many more details! Do not worry about anything, it is for all coffee levels. 🙂

Come go! Cheer up