Thermo Nomad


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Desing Basora Studio
Dimensions Diameter: 7.3cm. Height: 22.6cm. Weight: 259g
Capacity 0,5L
Thermal performance Up to 12 h of heat and 24 h of cold (according to T.A.)

In stock

No more having to think about the temperature of your coffees. Keep your Splash! very cold in summer and your beloved warm filter for muuuuuch longer thanks to the new Nomad Coffee thermos!

This time with a capacity of up to 0.5L, you don’t run out of fuel during the day.

According to LAKEN, these are its characteristics:

  • Vacuum insulation with a double wall of 18/8 stainless steel
  • Free of BPA, phthalates or other harmful substances
  • Suitable for alcoholic and citrus beverages
  • Does not transmit flavours
  • Does not sweat or burn Hermetic closure