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Brand Aeropress
Designed in United States of America
Color Light grey tint, red letters
Material Polypropylene, BPA free
Capacity 250 ml

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AeroPress is a filter coffee pot with the quality can produce from 1 to 3 cups. It is the result of combining filter paper with a French-style press. Its operation is simple since its design allows you to make an exceptional coffee using the pressure exerted by the air. This means that in a very short period of time you get a coffee with a large number of oils, minimizing the amount of sedimentation.

Its size makes it very useful and easily transportable to any place where we make our coffee.

It has a modern design, it was released in 2006 and gained great international recognition. It is made of high-quality plastics (without BPA).

It’s your first time? Do you still not get the hang of it? Do not scratch yourself, look around here and you will surely find something useful ;).

This product includes:

– AeroPress

– Remover

– Dispenser

– Paper filters (350 units)

– Filter holder

– Funnel