Special Espresso
El Roble



Altitude 1950 masl
Process WASHED
Harvest FEBRUARY 2023
Notes HoneyNaranjillaPeach

This batch has a very special cup profile thanks to the variety it is composed of. The Caturra Chiroso variety gives us velvet-like notes in the mouth, such as peach or naranjilla. Additionally, it is sweet with hints that remind us of honey, and a long and pleasant aftertaste accompanies us at the end of each sip.

Urrao, Antioquia, located east of Medellín, was put on the map of specialty coffee after Carmen Cecilia Montoya won the 2015 Cup of Excellence. In recent years, it has been the birthplace of the best coffees in the Antioquia department, after the Caturra variety underwent a spontaneous mutation known as Caturra Chiroso. It is a highly complex variety in the cup, with fruity and floral notes.

Albeiro is a person who loves nature and belongs to it. When he was young, he worked on different farms in Antioquia, earning his daily wage. Later, Albeiro tried his luck working in the city but soon realized that he belonged in the countryside. That’s when he decided to return to Urrao and buy El Roble farm. It’s a farm of only 1.5 hectares, so he has focused on producing high-quality coffee that can generate good profits even without having a large quantity to sell.

This lot is a washed process. It has been depulped and fermented underwater with the mucilage for 72 hours. After this time, the coffee is washed with clean water and sun-dried.

At the time of replicating the recipe, there are different variables that can interfere with the final result of the cup, such as the roast date, bean conservation, environment, water, machine condition, etc. It is important to remember that all these factors can have an influence and that you may have to make small adjustments to replicate this recipe.

16 gr in
38 gr out
25 seconds

Machine: Marzocco Micra
Grinder: Fellow Opus
Grind number: 2/
Grinding time: One click (30 seconds)
Recommended mineral water: Viladrau
TDS and extraction percentaje: 9,21 / 20,25%