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La Colina



Altitude 1700 masl
Process WASHED
Harvest JANUARY 2023
Notes HoneyMilk ChocolatePeach

With this cup, we enjoy a juicy body, with sweet notes of milk chocolate and honey. Aromas of mango and peach with a long, sweet caramel aftertaste.

The farm “La Colina” gets its name due to the elevations of the terrain and the hill on which it is located. It was Tony Medina’s father who decided to give it this name. He inherited the plot from his father, who divided his farm into smaller plots among all his children.

Initially, Tony only cultivated grains such as corn and beans. But he also mentions that having a coffee farm has always been his dream. At an early age, when he had nothing, he started working on different coffee farms to learn and gain experience.

In 1991, the first coffee tree was planted. Slowly but steadily, Tony increased the number of coffee trees and production. After 25 years, Tony says that his dream came true.

The varieties on his farm are Caturra and Bourbon. He wants to plant other varieties to further improve their quality. Another one of his plans is to work with African beds to enhance the drying process and overall quality.


It is a traditional washed process dried in the sun on patios.

At the time of replicating the recipe, there are different variables that can interfere with the final result of your cup, such as the roast date, conservation of the beans, environment, water, etc. It is important to remember that all these factors can have an influence and you may have to make small adjustments to replicate this recipe.

Method: Orea V3
Grinder: Fellow Ode Gen 2
Recommended mineral water: Lanjarón

We have used 12 grams of coffee and 200 grams of water.
Add the water in four pours. 50 gr of water every 0:30 seconds. The total infusion time should be 3.40 minutes