Special Espresso
Los Pablos



Altitude 1700 masl
Process Washed
Harvest february 2022
Notes Brown sugarFloralPeach

A sweet cup of coffee with notes of cocoa powder with some floral notes. On the palate, there are notes of stone fruit such as peach. It has a honeyed body and a fresh and prolonged aftertaste of green apple and lemon.

Ramon Pablo Chalez is a first-generation coffee producer in Jacaltenango, in Huehuetenango region. He grows coffee on his farm called “Los Pablos”, which is named after his family. All the work done at the farm is done only by the family members and it’s their only source of income.

“I started growing coffee 20 years ago and before that, I grew some basic grains like corn and beans. At the beginning of my coffee production, I only had very little coffee but through microcredits, I was able to plant more coffee trees to support my family”, tells Ramon.


Ramon himself is in charge of post-harvest processing for his coffees, and his attention to detail and hard work is key to making this coffee as unique and beautiful as it is. After picking, the coffee is moved to the artisanal wet mill and depulped, on average about 5 hours after it is picked. Because the wet mill is at a high altitude with a relatively cool climate, Ramon uses a long, slow dry fermentation of about 32 hours. After the fermentation is complete, he then washes the coffee carefully and places it in a tank with fresh, clean water for an additional 6-hour soak. After the second soaking, called “reposo”, the coffee is moved to the patio where it stays in the sun for 6 hours a day for about 6 days. The coffee is turned frequently in order to ensure proper drying. After drying is complete, Ramon stores the coffee in clean, dry conditions until it is ready to be delivered to a warehouse in San Antonio Huista.

All our coffees with roasting for espresso can be prepared in your home Moka Pot with the recipe that you can find in the NOMAD at Home section.

If you have an espresso machine we recommend using 18 grams of coffee to extract 37 grams in a cup in a time of 30 seconds. We use a temperature of 93ºC with the help of 9 bars of pressure.

We offer you these guidelines so that you have a guide when developing a recipe, but you should bear in mind that it can change depending on the coffee machine you are working with, the grinder and the water you are using.

Our machine: La Marzocco, Linea PB
Our grinder: Victoria Arduino, Mythos One
Our water: Osmotized water, 110 ppm