Instant Coffee
5 envelopes Pack


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Variety Castillo
Altitude 1450-1600
Process Washed
Harvest September 2022
Content Each sachet contains 2.5g of soluble coffee

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Aromas of chocolate, honey, pecan nuts and pear. Sweet and creamy with a long lasting chocolate and nutty aftertaste. A clean and balanced coffee roasted to enjoy as an espresso or mixed with fats such as dairy or plant based drinks.

Finca Chambakú is the Restrepo family’s new project. It is a 12-hectare farm located in Villamaría, Caldas, and is one of the 17 farms that make up Hacienda el Jardín. Historically, this Hacienda has been focused on the cultivation of traditional coffee, but in recent years they have adapted and created an ideal agro-industrial system to make the most of the productive potential with differentiated coffees. The Restrepo family saw great potential for production of specialty coffees in this land thanks to the optimal conditions of the environment and the proximity to its facilities to maintain exhaustive control and guarantee the quality of the coffee.

Juan Felipe, Q Processor, and partner at the farm is the architect of the protocols and processes on the farm. Among the objectives, it is worth highlighting the new protocols for fertilizing with organic matter and extreme post-harvest care. Also, greenhouses with 3-level canopies were built to carry out a better drying process, perfecting the final cup. This batch is a coffee exclusively prepared under NOMAD COFFEE standards.

Manual harvesting of ripe cherries, then an anaerobic fermentation process is carried out in cherries for 24 hours after delivery to the mill. The pulping process is done with a pulping machine and the coffee is fermented for 24 hours in tanks with water. It is dried intermittently in mechanical silos for 5 days, taking special care that the parchment mass does not exceed 35ºC.

There are many ways to enjoy your soluble specialty coffee.

The most basic we propose is to add 200ml of water (max 75ºC) in your favorite cup, let it sit for a couple of minutes and enjoy!

*Each packet contains 2.5g of instant coffee.