Back to School: Learn About Coffee and Become a Barista

The truth is, until now, becoming a barista involved many hours of practice behind the bar and a healthy dose of curiosity to explore online and even travel the world café by café. However, if you decide today to become a barista or simply want to learn all the necessary details to make a great coffee at home, you can turn to The Coffee Academy.

The Coffee Academy is an initiative by Nomad Coffee in response to the lack of formal education in the specialty coffee world. Tailored to the needs of each student, we’ve designed workshops of varying hours where you’ll leave with expert-level knowledge to master your next V60 and courses through which, after a few days, you’ll have both the theory and practical skills to start working in a café.

“Students are very happy because they can finally approach a world that has piqued their interest in a simple and didactic way,” explains Ivette Vera, Director of Education at The Coffee Academy. “The world of coffee is a precision science, much like cooking, and therefore, it has many technical aspects that can be intimidating. At The Coffee Academy, we make it easy by explaining them with clear examples and putting them into practice with exercises that help understand them. And if there are still any doubts, we are committed to resolving them.”

Here are some of the courses offered by The Coffee Academy:

PRE-Q.Grader Professional Tasting: This September 18, 19, and 20, The Coffee Academy is launching the first PRE-Q Grader course where you’ll learn to taste coffee, distinguish flavors, and understand all the whys in a professional manner. Upon completion, students can take the Q.Grader certification exam, demonstrating their ability to evaluate coffees and determine if they are specialty grade through their physical and sensory properties.

Espresso: The espresso machine is a mystery to many. What really happens beneath that metal casing? How is that delightful texture achieved? Why is the coffee tamped in the portafilters that way? Rest assured that understanding all its mysteries won’t diminish the charm of the machine or the coffee.

Filter: We know you’ve tasted a good pour-over and fallen in love with it. You’d like to make it at home but don’t know how, and that’s where we come in. We’ll go through different methods and techniques and use different waters so that you achieve the best results in your kitchen.

Fast Tast: We promise, in just 1 hour, you’ll be transformed. Or at the very least, you’ll have enjoyed some very good coffees. In this quick workshop, you’ll learn to taste specialty coffees and get precise information about their origin, processes, and varieties. You can also take this training in groups, to educate your colleagues or turn your friends into true specialty coffee lovers.

Water and Specialty Coffee: There are few things more important on this planet, and especially in coffee. That’s why water plays a significant role in the taste of our coffee. Learn about minerals, water tasting, how they affect coffee, and much more in this monograph taught by Dara, a chemical engineer, and our barista Ivette Vera.

Cold Brew: Nothing is more versatile than a cold brew, perfect for warmer months and for the warm-hearted, as well as for mixing into cocktails. If you want to know how to achieve a more floral or more chocolatey cold brew and everything you need to make it at home, this is your workshop.

Go back to school! Go back to learning! And long live coffee!