Special Espresso
Gracias a Dios



Variety MIX
Altitude 1.500-1.800 masl
Process WASHED
Harvest SEPTEMBER 2021
Notes Brown sugarDried fruitMilk Chocolate

A sweet coffee with a creamy body that reminds us of honey and panela. Notes of dried fruit in fragrance and aroma. In the aftertaste, it leaves us with a long and pleasant flavour of caramelised nuts.

This lot is a blend from COOP JUMARP, a cooperative located in the western Cordillera mountain range of the peruvian Andes. The Amazonas region of the Andes is known as Selva Alta (High Forest). Because of its altitude and humidity the Selva Alta is ideal for growing specialty coffee.

Jumarp is a member of the Café Selva Norte (CSN), developed in partnership with Ecotierra. This agroforestry project aims to double the income of coffee producers by increasing their yields and to promote sustainable farming practices. The CSN project is a huge effort to tackle deforestation and land degradation in the country. According to Ecotierra, 15% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by deforestation and the number one cause is migratory agricultural practice. When the leaf rust crisis hit the country back in 2013, the producers started to cut shade trees to allow a better air circulation through the plantation. Growing cultivation under full sun is complicated and the yields of coffee trees continued to decline.

In order to produce more, the producers started to migrate or replace their crops with annuals such as corn. Before doing so, they burnt the soil to clean it, resulting in more acidic soil. And without shade, the soil is also unprotected against rains, which wash nutrients away.

The project started in 2019 and has already provided nearly half a million US dollars in loans to growers to aid in their transition to sustainable agroforestry, impacting around 300 farmers. The CSN project also includes the construction of a dry mill and quality lab for the cooperatives involved.

For this batch, the coffee was selectively harvested to pick the cherries at their optimum point of maturity. They were then pulped and left to ferment in hermetic bags in a controlled ambient for 48 hours, to then be dried for 12 days.

All our coffees with roasting for espresso can be prepared in your home Moka Pot with the recipe that you can find in the NOMAD at Home section.

If you have an espresso machine we recommend using 18 grams of coffee to extract 35 grams in a cup in a time of 28 seconds. We use a temperature of 93ºC with the help of 9 bars of pressure.

We offer you these guidelines so that you have a guide when developing a recipe, but you should bear in mind that it can change depending on the coffee machine you are working with, the grinder and the water you are using.

Our machine: La Marzocco, Linea PB
Our grinder: Victoria Arduino, Mythos One
Our water: Osmotized water, 110 ppm