Special Espresso
El salvador
La Divina Providencia



Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude 1600-1800 masl
Process Honey
Harvest 2020
Notes Blueberry JamCocoa PowderMuscovado sugar

A very sweet fragrance with notes of cocoa powder and muscovado sugar. An unctuous body with a honeyed acidity, a note that reminds us of blueberry jam that ends with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

Divina Providencia exists because Roberto Ulloa wanted it that way. Roberto did not inherit Divina Providencia, since most of the farms in El Salvador land on the lap of the owners by inheritance from their family.

Roberto’s family only had low-rise farms, but he had a mission to produce the best coffee possible, so he went as high as he could on the Santa Ana volcano and bought an abandoned farm. Little by little, he continued to buy abandoned farms to unite Divina Providencia. With hard work and dedication, his farm has become one of the healthiest and most beautiful farms in El Salvador. At a time when coffee farming is not very profitable and El Salvador’s production has hit rock bottom, Divina Providencia exists because Roberto is driven by an unstoppable passion to produce incredible coffees.

Visiting his farm is a lesson in producing coffee, from using ancient plant management techniques unfamiliar to most farmers to his deep understanding of coffee tree biology.

Most of their coffee is Red Bourbon and it is processed like honey to leave a bit of mucilage in the beans that add aroma, body and sweetness.

All our coffees with roasting for espresso can be prepared in your home Moka Pot with the recipe that you can find in the NOMAD at Home section.

If you have an espresso machine we recommend using 18 grams of coffee to extract 35 grams in a cup in a time of 33 seconds. We use a temperature of 95ºC with the help of 9 bars of pressure.

We offer you these guidelines so that you have a guide when developing a recipe, but you should bear in mind that it can change depending on the coffee machine you are working with, the grinder and the water you are using.

Our machine: La Marzocco, Linea PB
Our grinder: Victoria Arduino, Mythos One
Our water: Osmotized water, 110 ppm